Do you know if people are talking about your company? Do you care what people are saying about you? I am not talking about eavesdropping or tapping people’s phones but paying attention to what is being said in cyberspace. People are talking about you publicly on social networks, in the blogosphere, on twitter, and other cyber channels. By doing some simple searches, you can follow what is being said. They could be saying good things, they could be saying negative things, or they may simply be offering some good constructive feedback. Either way, people are talking about you and you are missing out if you don’t listen.

If you have no intention of reacting then there is not much point in listening. If you intend to react, change, and even respond to your fans or critics then start listening. Follow blogs, twitter, and other media outlets where people are talking about you. Using some simple search engines like Google’s blog search, Blog Search Engine, or Monitter (to find who is talking about you on Twitter) are some easy ways to start. Here is a great article explaining the ’Why and How of Listening’.

In the future, I will share some concrete examples of this and how you can setup your own communities that will provide your customers an opportunity to communicate with you and exchange ideas that will help you change and improve.