photo by: jurassicboy

photo by: jurassicboy

I have wanted the Kindle for quite some time now. It only recently became available in Canada. I was ready to purchase it, when I got wind of the iPad. And now the iPad has been introduced. The 2 products are really not comparable. The Kindle lets you read books, newspapers, and blogs. The iPad lets you read books, newspapers, and blogs…and watch movies, play games, listen to music, look at photos, do your email, use your agenda, get directions, multi-touch screen, on-screen keyboard….oh yeah, the iPad is a computer not an e-reader! Actually the iPad is basically the iPod Touch with a bigger screen (and a bunch of updated apps that takes advantage of the larger screen).


But all I REALLY want is to be able to read books more conveniently.

I already have a laptop for computing, I already have an iPod for music, I already have a Blackberry for cell phone, but I do NOT have an E-reader. Do I really need another computer? I have not yet purchased an iPod Touch or iPhone, not because I don’t think they are really cool devices, but I just don’ t have a strong need for another whole set of new applications. I’m not into games much and I already have an iPod Video for music and photos.

So now the iPad comes along and changes everything….or does it? Can this replace my laptop? Will it eventually replace all of our computing devices - music devices, cell phones, laptops, desktops, e-readers, etc, for one small tablet? Yes it can, and one day, I have no doubt it will. But today all I need is an E-reader. I checked out the iPad (watch this video), it’s awesomely cool, incredible, and powerful. But for now I just want to read books more conveniently (and not have to schlep 5 books on every business trip), so I picked the Kindle. These are just a few of the reasons I decided on the Kindle:

  • Incredibly simple device - one might even call it low-tech, which is really quite ironic, because it basically has single-handedly revolutionized the book just this year, setting us on a course where books will eventually go the way of the CD.
  • Less expensive.
  • Full 3G support (no charge) - download anywhere, anytime. (note: iPad will charge $30/month for G3 support.)
  • No cables - I really do not need or want any more cables in my life.
  • Much longer battery life - days not hours.
  • Lighter, thinner - that’s really important for travel. Comparing the Kindle DX, which has basically the same screen size as the iPad, is almost half as thin, and weighs less (18 oz vs 24 oz). The regular Kindle even smaller and lighter.
  • Better controls for reading - No need to touch screen. The iPad actually looks a bit cumbersome to hold with one hand and use the other hand to touch screen and turn pages. With the Kindle, there is no need to move hands to screen area - just click where your hands are already holding the device on the side.
  • And most importantly, better display for reading - Kindle’s e-ink technology is more conducive to reading than iPad’s LCD display. E-ink has less strain on the eye and can be read in any light; outside, in the sun, etc.

Click here for full spec comparison

One day the tablet will surpass all, but for now the Kindle looks like a pretty good e-reader! Now I am going outside to read an e-book….. (ok, not really, as its 20 below Celsius)