That used to be a relatively simple question. You tuned into the one, and only one, major US network (or Canadian network, if in Canada) carrying the Olympics to see anything. Whatever they fed us, mostly during prime time, is what we saw. And then you could read about the same stories/highlights the next day in your local paper. Those days are gone….

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Welcome to the 2010 Cable, Internet, Mobile, Social Olympic Games!!

In today’s new media world - you can still watch the Olympics on NBC or maybe tune into one of their many specialty channels including MSNBC, CNBC, USA, Universal Sports, USD, and others I am probably not even aware of. So right off the bat, the amount of content and the selection available just on TV alone is huge. If you want to watch Curling at 3 AM or catch the latest Biathlon highlights, you can find it on one of these specialty channels. But all of this assumes you still want to watch the Olympics the old-fashioned way….because wait, the options are numerous:

  • Local Newspaper - Check out your local online newspaper for results/highlights on local athletes/teams. Here is an example from the Montreal Gazette
  • Internet Radio/Podcast - still like to listen to the radio, try internet radio or podcasts. Get live action or full recaps on numerous podcasts that will be posted throughout the day
  • Computer - you can watch all of the TV feed right on you computer. NBC (or CTV in Canada) will provide you with all of the live streaming video you need to watch the Olympic games. Video podcasts and YouTube will provide all of the highlights and information you can imagine.
  • Mobile Phone - not near a TV or computer, don’t worry. Just turn on your mobile phone and get automated alerts/updates or even live video feeds to your phone from a large variety of news sources. Checkout what NBC provides for mobile services
  • Interactive Feeds- and don’t forget the constant feed of data/information that will stream right to you; twitter, google buzz, facebook, and RSS feeds, all on a second by second basis from everyone throughout the world. Get it all or filter your searches to the events or people that interest you most.

So why sit down to watch anything, let the games come to you. In this era of computers, mobile devices, and social media, this is what we can expect with the Olympics from now on. An overwhelming flood of information brought to your fingertips, wherever you may be!

Now, I’m off to my couch with the whole family to watch the opening ceremonies on a good old-fashion non-HD TV…enjoy the games how ever you get them!!